About Us


Each one of us comes to the “glamorous” work of a cannabis farm with a commonality that drives our mission.

It’s about hard work, having each other’s back, teasing, laughter and integrity.

It’s about being proud of what we grow and produce for you.

Mark Olson - Quincy Green

Co-Founder & Visionary

Long wanting to honor the legacy of the farm his grandfather homesteaded, Mark conceived of lush cannabis sustainably grown in a high-tech, hot-house environment. Then he worked two jobs – the farm and his law practice – to bring his vision to life.

Leslie Olson - Quincy Green

& Connector

Like her successful grandfathers before her, Leslie started life without two pennies to rub together. But determination and entrepreneurship is in her blood. She’s worked side-by side with Mark at the farm and in her law practice to build the business and make both a success.

Steffen Knightlinger - Quincy Green

Partner &

Steffen immersed himself in cultivating cannabis 14 years ago and to say he understands these plants is an understatement. What really sets him apart is his advanced skill combined with a head for business and a natural ability to lead.

Korey Rhodes - Quincy Green

Partner, Facilities & Optimist

Korey Rhode has a work ethic and optimism that sets a standard. He specializes in insurmountable problems he easily solves, making everything work like magic.

Our Chosen Family

Not everyone has what it takes to be part of the Quincy Green family. Shawn can tell you about every plant on the farm. Jackie keeps all of our inventory in our state traceability system. Amanda hand rolls joints for the smoothest pre-rolls in the state. Keisha has learned and can do it all. Andrew sets the standard for hand-trimming. Chelsy is cross-trained and ready to pitch in wherever she’s needed. And Alison, welcome as our newest member!

Budtenders Extraordinaire

Good budtenders are your best advocate, giving you knowledge, guidance, and suggestions that will help you achieve a personalized experience. They are our closest allies and we love them!

Retailers & Visionaries

Our retail partners connect us to you. We partner with stores, who care about cannabis, the integrity of what it can do for you, and who we feel confident will deliver to you your best experience.
CURRENT FEATURED RETAILERHASHTAG – REDMOND. Hashtag is dedicated to meeting the needs of Seattle/Redmond’s diverse neighborhoods as a friendly, educational source of quality recreational cannabis and related products. We are a family owned and operated business. We love the Pacific Northwest, and becoming a thriving small business is very exciting for us.

Customers & Friends

We exist because of you. We celebrate your journey as you discover all that cannabis has to offer. We appreciate your patronage, your feedback, and your referrals. Send us a review or let us know your thoughts at info@quincy.green.