Frequently Asked Questions

  • Think of a marijuana store like a restaurant: you’ll find everything from fast food to fine dining, both in product selection and service. If you land in the right spot the first time, great! If you’re not comfortable, visit another store. You’ll find one that’s right for you.
  • Budtenders are like bartenders: some know how to sell you what they like; others know how to offer you what you’re looking for. A good one will ask you about your experience level, your tastes, and what kind of experience you want. They should be able to explain to you about the terpenes that make up the essential oils in cannabis and how they affect your experience. They can describe the differences between Sativa  and Indica and how hybrids combine the best of both. They’ll also be able to tell you that listed THC percentages have no relation to the quality of your experience. Finally, you should ask them about the source of the product you buy. How is the flower grown and cured? Does it consistently come from one estate, or is it purchased from many different farms with different growing methods and levels of quality?
  • Finally, do not let yourself be hurried. Cannabis is varied and exciting. Take time to make your choices and be willing to experiment. In the same way that you have a favorite beer, burger, wine, or chocolate, you’ll find your favorite flower.
  • Two Words: Tinkerbell’s Revenge. You have your favorite strains. But how about a strain that’s not just different, it’s ready to be your new favorite? We are the only estate in Washington to cultivate Tinkerbell’s Revenge, a Sativa dominant hybrid with a spiced wood aroma, citrus earth flavor and a smoke that will leave you feeling powerfully elated. It’s a strain for experienced consumers only.
  • Smooth Smoke All the Way Through. Our pre-rolls are made of 100% pure, hand-ground flower. No leaves. No stems. No hay. Amanda leads our team to hand-roll and hand tamp each pre-roll to ensure an even smoke all the way through. It’s all the quality you put into your own grind, with the convenience of on-the-go enjoyment.
  • Estate Grown Consistency. Big companies are taking over more and more of the marijuana market in Washington State. These companies buy flower from many different farms. Their oversight and quality control is limited. Every plant on our estate is cultivated by hand. It’s processed on-site in our climate controlled metal processing building. It is stored in small batches. The same team that grows our cannabis is the team that cures, trims and packages it. We stand behind each flower we sell. Come visit us and see for yourself.

Vaporizers provide a smoke-free alternative that allows people to maximize the superior efficacy, aroma, and flavor of pure flower without the smoke. Vaporizers heat flower causing vapor to form. The vapor is cool when it’s inhaled. Digital vaporizers enable you to set the temperature that activates more or less of the total essential oils and cannabinoids for your customized experience. Easy to use, pocket or purse sized vaporizers are discreet and convenient. Learn more at www.quitsmokingcommunity.org.

Terpenes are a group of essential oils found in fruits, herbs and cannabis. For instance, Limonene,  present in some cannabis strains, is also found in the essential oil of oranges, and is known to elevate mood. Caryophyllene, known for being an anti-inflammatory, is also found in basil and cloves. The essential oils in marijuana work together to shape and enhance your cannabis experience. Learn more.

Please keep all of your cannabis purchases inside Washington State. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law no matter where you consume it, but crossing state lines will strip away any protections of Washington State law.

  • “Recreational” cannabis (which is all we are allowed to call it) is safer than traditional medical marijuana.
  • Before 2014, medical marijuana was unregulated and often contaminated with harmful pesticides, mold and other contaminants. After 2016, all cannabis grown in Washington became subject to the standards and requirements of the WSLCB. Today, cannabis is grown in licensed facilities and regulated with quality control standards that include testing for potency, mold, and other contaminants.
  • Washington State law prohibits us from making any medical claims about marijuana, including calling it “medical marijuana.” At best, we can submit our Green Tara collection of cannabis to more rigorous testing standards and call it “compliant marijuana.”

At present, Washington State law prohibits businesses from opening any cafe, bar, or other recreational venue where customers can consume marijuana together. It’s like being able to buy a beer, but you can’t sit down at a table and enjoy it with friends. A lot of people end up on the sidewalk or in parks.

  • We reduce our carbon footprint by using pure sun on our outdoor garden and a combination of filtered sunlight and minimal supplemental lighting in our grow-house garden.
  • Our drip irrigation system is specially designed to conserve water. Our water is periodically tested to ensure that it is free of any contaminants. Catch-basins in our grow-house collect any waste water for treatment before the water is returned to the ground.
  • We use no chemical pesticides on our plants, favoring instead natural plant protection like predatory mites, corn oil, rosemary oil, potassium salts, and hand washing.
  • Our outdoor garden is grown using 100% organic methods. Our grow-house crop is fed a robust combination of compost teas and plant specific nutrients to  maximize plant health and flower production.
  • Our packaging is designed to be re-usable/recyclable to reduce waste in our landfills. It’s more expensive in the short-run, but a lot less expensive for our planet’s future. Send us photos of how you re-use Quincy Green jars and we’ll post them!
  • Our long-term capital plan includes adding solar panels to become completely renewable and independent in our use of electricity.
  • We coordinate deliveries to reduce the highway miles needed to bring product to stores.

Presently, Washington State law allows us to sell only to persons with a state-issued license. If you get authorization, give us a call!

Ask us and we’ll be happy to talk to you!

Disclaimer:  We are excited to share what we know. The information contained on this page is not intended to be legal advice or medical advice. Please consult an attorney or a doctor in learning about the legal and medical implications of cannabis.