Green Tara

Green Tara Medically Compliant Cannabis by Quincy Green


Patient-focused, the Green Tara flower grown at Quincy Green is carefully selected for different combinations of CBD, CBG, THC and other cannabinoids that can offer relief as prescribed by your doctor. 

We pour extra care and attention into the precious flowers of Green Tara and smaller batches are more rigorously lab-tested to produce the highest grade of compliant cannabis on the market.

Available in 2g, 3.5g, and 7g


Green Tara flower is grown year-round in a double-entry Agrowtek smarthouse with a Swedish-made polyethylene ceiling . . .

Filtered sunlight maximizes the growth of the plants, while UVB protection keeps them cool and free of over-exposure. Computerized monitoring of temperatures, light and humidity enables us to control and adjust the environment for optimal growth. Automatic black-out curtains provide insulation and light control to induce flowering in the winter.


Each plant and small batch of flower is bar-coded and traced in an on-line, comprehensive traceability system. Each three pound batch of flower is sample tested by an independent lab to be certified as safe from contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Want to know the source of the flower you purchase? Ask or visit us today.


Our Green Tara packaging is 100% biodegradable, from the box, to the sugar cane labels from Elevate Packaging, to the Greenline 100% compostable plastic bag inside. Recycle the box or toss the whole package into your commercial composting bin.


CBD Skunk Haze

Musk aroma w/ cedar and peppermint taste
Feels like ultimate relief

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is growing now. Stay tuned for more information.

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