Quincy Fields

Quincy Fields by Quincy Green Cannabis


Sharing the same soil, sunshine, and care of Quincy Green, the smaller flowers of Quincy Fields shine through a looser trim to deliver the same quality and robust flavors of Quincy Green, but at an everyday price point that makes them a hidden treasure.

Available in 1g, 3.5g, 7g, ½oz and 1 full oz.


Quincy Fields flower is grown in the fertile soil of the Columbia River Basin where it proudly shares a place with the 40 other agricultural crops grown in Grant County. With 300 days of sunshine per year, low humidity, and composted soil, it enjoys the best growing environment in Washington State.


Blue Dream

Honey aroma w/ blueberry & earth taste
Feels like productive relaxation

NYC Sour Diesel

Diesel aroma w/ candied pineapple taste
Feels like party ready

Phantom Cookies

Wheatberry aroma w/ red wine & almond taste
Feels like creative euphoria

Tinkerbell’s Revenge

Spiced wood aroma w/ earth & citrus taste
Feels like powerful elation

Dutch Treat

Musk aroma w/ molasses & pine taste
Feels like relaxed awareness

Girl Scout Cookies

Mulch aroma w/ spun sugar taste
Feels like letting go

Kosher Tangie

Musky citrus aroma w/ tangerine taste
Feels like serious relaxation


Fresh herbs aroma w/ brown sugar taste
Feels like slow savor

Tahoe OG

Mossy forest aroma w/ pine & flowers taste
Feels like melted luxury

Bubba Kush

Wet granite aroma w/ sweet black tea taste
Feels like melting into deliciousness

Mendocino Purp

Pinecone aroma w/ blackened sugar taste
Feels like relaxing into night

Moroccan Ketama

Cumin aroma w/ honey & pine taste
Feels like unwinding the good life

Project Mayhem

Forest floor aroma w/ sweet lemonade taste
Feels like euphoric calm

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