Quincy Reserve

Quincy Reserve - by Quincy Green Cannabis


The hothouse flowers of Quincy Reserve are hand-tended in a controlled smart-house environment for premium growing conditions. They’re harvested into a climate controlled processing building, where they are line dried. The flower is slow cured on the stem, extracting all the chlorophyll out, deepening its flavor, and refining its aroma. Each nug is hand trimmed and stored in small batches until it reaches you.

Available in 1g, 2g, 3.5g, and 7g

Quincy Reserve - Quincy Green Estate Grown Cannabis



Four crops of Quincy Reserve flower are grown per year in our double-entry Agrowtek smarthouse with a Swedish-made polyethylene ceiling.

Filtered sunlight maximizes the growth of the plants, while UVB protection keeps them cool and free of over-exposure. Computerized monitoring of temperature, light, and humidity lets us control for the best growing environment. Automatic black-out curtains provide insulation and light control to induce flowering in the winter.

Growing year round ensures that the flower you consume is perfectly cured, but not old.


Laughing Buddha

Ginger aroma w/ bamboo & sugar cane taste
Feels like irrepressible laughter

Northern Lights #5 Haze

Incense aroma w/ sandalwood & berries taste
Feels like lasting creativity

Super Lemon Haze

Orange aroma w/ sweet lemonade taste
Feels like euphoric energy

Blue Dream

Honey aroma w/ blueberry & earth taste
Feels like light-hearted relaxation

NYC Sour Diesel

Diesel aroma w/ Candied pineapple taste
Feels like party ready

Phantom Cookies

Wheatberry aroma w/ red wine & almond taste
Feels like creative euphoria

Super Lemon OG

Lemon rind aroma w/ orange & leather taste
Feels like uplifted wellbeing

Tinkerbell’s Revenge

Spiced wood aroma w/ earth & citrus taste
Feels like powerful elation

Bubble Gum

Cherry blossom aroma w/ frosted cupcake taste
Feels like lazy afternoon

Dutch Treat

Musky aroma w/ molasses & pine taste
Feels like relaxed awareness


Fresh herbs aroma w/ brown sugar taste
Feels like slow savor

Lemon Alien

Lemon zest aroma w/ grapefruit and raw sugar taste
Feels like mind and body aligned

Tahoe OG

Mossy forest aroma w/ pine & flowers taste
Feels like melted luxury

Bubba Kush

Wet granite aroma w/ sweet black tea taste
Feels like melting into deliciousness

Mendocino Purp

Pine cone aroma w/ blackened sugar  taste
Feels like relaxing into night

Moroccan Ketama

Cumin aroma w/ honey & pine taste
Feels like unwinding the good life

Project Mayhem

Forest floor aroma w/ sweet lemonade taste
Feels like euphoric calm

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Quincy Green Cannabis

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