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I’m a big fan of the Kosher Tangie and MK Ultra. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I find these strains give slightly different experiences, but they both allow me to enjoy without the anxiety that I get from other strains. I can also say the quality of Quincy Green has been very consistent for me, which is more than I can say for many, many others that I’ve tried in the Seattle area.

-- Darren 3/10/2016

I tried the Laughing Buddha. Probably one of my favorite straight sativas I’ve had in a while. Really pointed effects. Super energetic. I really enjoy pure sativa and appreciate weed that keeps me awake and creative. Laughing Buddha definitely satisfied that desire. Aside from feeling, the flavor was really wonderful and it was nice to sit back and really taste the terps. Well done!

-- Ben 6/30/2016

Quincy Green is one of the top growers in the state in my opinion. From their compostable packaging, which holds two hemp rolling papers and a joint crutch, to their flower, which is full of flavor and very aromatic. I have tried their Laughing Buddha, Kosher Tangie, Phantom Cookies, MK Ultra and Purple Kush. I have yet to be disappointed with them. Quincy Green is definitely doing it right!

-- Keisha 5/20/2017

I recently tried one of your strains and after reviewing the entire list I am looking forward to trying several others. I love the fact that you are family owned and agree with another reviewer that it makes me feel good to buy a product with biodegradable packaging. Thank you for the time and care you put into growing a quality product, DL

-- Diane 3/10/2016

My absolute favorite Quincy Green strain is Lavender. I love the way it kills any anxiety, and is an overall great strain to smoke for any occasion. Even more than their weed, I absolutely applaud them for their sustainable packaging practices. The fact that their boxes and bags are biodegradable, vs other pot brands who are overdoing the whole plastic bag thing, makes me feel like a better person for indulging in their weed. Keep it up!

-- Lola vonRocko 11/01/2016

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